September 23, 2014 – Notation

For a brief moment, music notation is cool.

Losing the language. Does it matter?

If you can’t read music, you need mega-ears.

Where does sight reading come onto this?  Vivier in London.

Many reasons for music notation other than pure communication – political, business etc.

Notation is related to control of your material– if you know you want something, how do you communicate that?


What does notation tell you?

agogo lesson 1

agogo lesson 1

josquin baises moy (1501)

printing press and photocopying

Publishing Patents- Petrucci, Byrd/Tallis , Lully

Rameau Les Indes Galantes Ouverture


Lullaby of birdland


Bach Brandenburg 1 (1721)

BC1 p1

Notation & cultural meaning 

Mahler symph 1

Stockhausen Studie II

Stockhausen Spiral


Stockhausen In Freundschaft

Berio Sinfonia

Berio_Sinfonia – excerpt

DJ Notation

Offertorio Iubilate Deo universa terra

iubilate 1a

Inner city life with orchestra

Drum and Bass: Goldie

Notation and improvisation

Cage Variations


Other notation styles

Lead sheet:


Notation optimized for 12 tone equal temperament.


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